I love solving people’s problems, working with digital design tools, and I have strong emotional reactions to designs. I'm inspired by the ability to use UX to create useful yet delightful experiences based on real user needs and desires. I’m excited to begin my UX journey and am looking to be a part of a collaborative team where I can continue to learn, grow, and contribute in a meaningful way.


UX Projects

Venmo–Feature Integration

Adding charitable donations to a mobile payment service

Mt. Cleverest

Designing on-boarding and separate user paths for an Ed Tech Tool

Plantr–App Design

A iOS app concept for taking care of house plants

DIY Homepage More Info Overlay Copy_macbookgrey_front with background.png

Home Depot Redesign

Information architecture case study

(under construction)

Clareat–App Concept

A passion project app that deals with food and diets

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I’ve designed websites for small businesses and individuals.

(under constructions)



I begin with research because I want to make sure I am solving the right problem for the user and am not relying on my own experience or assumptions. My research process includes conducting user tests, interviews, and surveys with subject matter experts, and immersing myself in the problem space or current product. 

I also gather information about the desired end product, the business and their goals, competitors to the business and the product, and the technical opportunities and/or limitations.




I look at the research data and search for patterns. The patterns reveal pain points and goals of potential users. These are distilled into deliverables such as personas, problem statements, and journey maps which guide my designs.

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I start designing with goals in mind based on the research. I come up with ideas, bounce them off other people or combine them with others' ideas in design studio. I discuss and rapidly prototype low-fidelity design possibilities with others until a low-fidelity design and user flow is reached. I then take these design and create a prototype that can be tested using tools like Sketch and InVision. 

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Iterate & Test

I bring the design to the users through thoughtful usability testing. I assure the participants that they are not being tested and guide them through tasks and scenarios relevant to the new design. I observe and take notes on how they behave and what they say during the process. I discuss and synthesize the findings from multiple usability tests and then make actionable design decisions that might alleviate the pain-points found during the testing. Then I do it again. 



I bring together all the components of the process from research to the final design and present them as research documentation or in front of the stakeholders. I tailor the presentations to the audience and their prior knowledge of the UX process or the product. I also write detailed documentation of the research and the design decisions including annotated wireframes, user flows, and site maps to be handed off to either developers or stakeholders.